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Nikolaus party

Democrats Abroad celebrating Nikolaus at the Allied Museum in Berlin, Dahlem.  More photos here.


Video by Florian Schiedhelm

Democrats Abroad Berlin gather at Rathaus Schöneberg to honor JFK

Wreaths at Rathaus Schöneberg on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK

Wreaths at Rathaus Schöneberg on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK

Click on photo to see the rest of the photos.

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON To Democrats Abroad 22.Oct..2013

To Democrats Abroad
22 October 2013

Tom Fina
Executive Director Emeritus

            My September lead that “The Republican Party is risking its survival as we have known it…” has been confirmed by the debacle of its shutdown of government and driving the nation to the brink of default.

            No foreign enemy has ever done such harm to our democratic institutions, to our economy at home nor to our authority and leadership abroad.


Harald Leibrecht speaks to Democrats Abroad Germany, Berlin Chapter

Head of Transatlantic Cooperation from the Bundestag,  Harald Leibrecht, gave a lively talk to us on September 3rd, 2013.  He explained his background, and gave examples of what his job entails.

Harald Leibrecht












Harald Leibrecht and David Knutson, chapter Chair Democrats Abroad Berlin       More photos here

Democrats Abroad Germany at “21st Gay and Lesbian “Stadtfest” in Berlin

20130615_dag_3806more photos here

JFK Commeration Cocktail Party

Democrats Abroad Germany Annual Meeting in Heidelberg March 2013

DAG met in Heidelberg from March 8-10, 2013 to elect new officers and brainstorm new strategies. A great time was had by all thanks to our wonderful host Thales Gutcke and members of the Heidelberg chapter.  Below, Berlin Chapter members David, Jessica and Gwendolyn in Heidelberg. More photos here.


David Knutson “selling” the Berlin basket for the DAG raffle

New Chair of Democrats Abroad Germany Berlin Chapter with 3 previous Chairs


Bill Downey founder of Berlin chapter with outgoing Chair Nancy Green, newly elected Chair David Knutson and previous Chair Michael Steltzer.                                                      more photos here

Slideshow of Dems Abroad Germany Berlin Chapter activities from 2009-2013

Photos by Karen Axelrad, Raymond Angeles, Nancy Green, Florian Schiedhelm, Michael Steltzer

Inauguration Celebration in Berlin on January 21, 2013

Nancy Green, chair Democrats Abroad Germany-Berlin Chapter, introduces speakers.

Nancy Green, chair Democrats Abroad Berlin Chaptermore photos here.  The 57th Presidential Inauguration Celebration 2013 in Berlin & A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jrhosted by Democrats Abroad Berlin & Corbett Santana with (more…)

Election Night 2012 Party at Babylon a Great Success!

Thanks to Raymond Angeles for his great photos of the Election Night Party and to Nancy Green and all the volunteers for their tireless efforts to make the evening a success. Check our facebook page for more photos.

Democrats debate Republicans at Rathaus Schöneberg on Oct. 16, 2012

Presidential Debate at Rathaus Schöneberg sponsored by IBUSA, Berlin with representatives of Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad. The debate was introduced by the Chair of IBUSA, David Knutson, and was moderated by Jay Magill and Carsten Bösel.
Kathleen Burnett and John McQueen of Democrats Abroad argued for the Democrats.  The Republicans were represented by Ned Wiley and Phil Zeni.  Photos of the event.

Democrats Abroad Roadtrip in Berlin on July 6, 2012

The Democrats Abroad Roadtrip made a successful stop in Berlin registering Americans to vote at Potsdamer Platz with a quick photo stop at the Brandenburger Gate.For more photos play the slideshow

Join the constituency groups for Obama

Dear friends and fellow Democrats!

Visit and join the consitutuency groups for President Obama:

LGBT for Obama ( contains a detailed list of accomplishments and progress made in the LGBT community under the leadership of President Obama in a great infographic under the timeline section. The site also has a section for locating Pride Events near you!


Our Global Primary at Amerika Haus was a great success!

More photos here

The IRS and your money and taxes abroad!

What’s Next for Offshore Accounts? From Wall Street Journal – Dec. 10, 2011

The IRS Is Ramping Up Efforts to Flush Out Taxpayers Hiding Money Abroad, Even as New Opportunities Are Emerging to Move Money Offshore Legally.

…New rules affecting 2011 tax returns require taxpayers with assets held offshore to make extensive disclosures to the Internal Revenue Service or risk harsh penalties. The goal: to ferret out secret accounts used to skirt U.S. taxes … (more…)

Nuclear Resolution

At the last meeting of the Berlin Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany the following resolution was passed:

To Democrats Abroad Berlin!

This resolution calls for phasing out the use of nuclear energy in the US. I respectfully submit it to the Berlin Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany for approval and support in order to pass it “up the ladder” of our organization. Within that process we will grow and hopefully find alternative solutions for our energy crisis.

Resolution (Draft) of Democrats Abroad on responsibly phasing out the use of nuclear energy in the US and becoming independent from limited and non-renewable fuel.

Danger and Health (Whereas: )

● Nuclear energy plants are highly susceptible to human error, interruption of energy supply, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Almost 20% of the electrical energy in the US is produced by atomic power plants. In addition to the 104 operating atomic power plants another 20 are planned.
● Radiation accumulation is devastating to all form of life.
● The catastrophes of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima demonstrate how the technology of nuclear power is uncontrollable, dirty, poisonous and deadly.
● The safe and secure disposal of nuclear waste has never been solved and endangers present and future generations. Spent fuel of nuclear reactors is deadly and will be for thousands of generations (more…)